DMI810 Inclinometer with Display Single axis

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●Best accuracy:<0.003°
●Maximum measuring range:±90°
●Working Temperature : -10°~ +70℃
●Angle,degree/minute/second, mm/meter three modes can be set
●Absolute/Relative measurement can switch
●IP54 protection class
●Auto temperature drift compensation
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  • DMI810 Inclinometer with Display Single axis
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General Description

  DMI810 is a digital display inclinometer which took RION company three years to develop professional for various industry angle controling and measuring.The core of this product is using the micro-mechanical control principle, dual-core measurement unit, can use the Y-axis to compensate X-axis during the measurement process,and then to use RION patent interleaved and temperature compensation model algorithm to play absolute operation advantages of the micro-mechanical electronic principles,to ensure that the instruments measurement with the long-term stability and repeatability. DMI810 is a single axis 90deg measurement, resolution 0.001 °、the highest accuracy <0.005 degree full-scale、fast response, stable data, products specially designed for the sides and bottom with magnetic adsorption installation, both sides of the benchmark can be measured and using normally,very convenient to use, In addition, supporting the selection of DMI810 (SMI810) with the use of separate measurement, used in combination with the Division HCA series tilt sensor, the transmission mode wireless or wired optional, wireless using one-to-one band transmission, transmission straight line distance> 10m, the cable transmission standard 1 meter (can be customized long distance), DMI810 series has strong scalability, convenient & practical application and industrial reliability, has absolute cost advantage and has an absolute competitive advantage in the international market !

Technical Data





Angle Measuring range DMI810:±15 ° ; DMI810:±30 ° ; °
MM measuring range 267 577 mm
Meausring axis Single axis Single axis  
The highest meausring accuracy <0.005 (Full measuring range) <0.01 (Full measuring range) °
Angle Measuring resolution 0.001 0.001 °
MM measuring accuracy 0.1 0.2 mm
Three measurement mode selectable radian, angle, mm measuring can be selected    
MM measuring res 0.02   mm
LCD 64 true colors night vision display screen    
LCD visible area size L57.6*W43.2   mm
Working temperature -10°~ +70℃   °/℃
Working humidity 85   %RH
Power supply 3.7VCharging Lithium battery   V
Ideal charging time 3~4   h
Battery sustainable charging times 11   h
Equipped with PC software VC software    
Data output signal USB1.1    
Connect plug in Standard 5Pin USB connector    
Shock resistance 10g@11ms、3Times/Axis(half sinusoid)   g
Shock impact 10grms、10~100Hz   g
Weight 300   g
Waterproof grade IP54    
Material Metal    
Size L107*W75*H27.1mm   mm






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